Fees Announced for 2022

The SOSA Executive has now set membership, boat storage and locker fees for 2022 as follows.

For 2022, membership for a family living at the same address, including dependent children will be $370. $150 of that is a refundable deposit which is returned at the end of the season if you have completed 8 hours of volunteer work for the club.

Boat storage fees for 2022 are based on the size of boat. We calculate that by multiplying length overall (LOA) by beam. In 2022 we are charging $2.20 per square foot. Please consult the table to the right to see the specific amounts for each kind of boat at the club (click the image to see it full size). If your boat is not listed, please contact us to let us know so we can add it to the system.

Locker prices for 2022 are $38 for a small locker and $55 for a large locker.

We will begin taking payments for all of these as soon as our new system is up and running. Estimated time frame for that is late April or early May.