Membership and Boat Storage Registration is now Open

Thanks for your patience everyone. Our new membership and boat registration system is up and running. We are now open for renewing members to pay for 2022 membership and boat storage (as long as your boat was owned by you and stored at SOSA last year).

Please visit the Membership page for details and links to the registration pages. Note that payments for membership and boat storage must be made separately. Renewing members need to complete their membership payments before the end of May in order to avoid the extra fee, but preferably sooner. We would like to be able to hand out stickers at the Spring cleanup on May 7.

We are also taking new memberships. However, new boat storage is on hold for now. If you did not have your boat stored at SOSA last year, then you need to be placed on the waiting list for boat storage space. We are taking a close look at the boats stored at SOSA and cross-referencing with membership. Boats must be actively sailed in order to qualify for storage. Please contact us if you want to be on the waiting list.

If you have a trailer at SOSA and your boat is NOT on the trailer, please remove it. We will be taking steps to remove any unused trailers in order to make space for more boat storage. Thank you for your cooperation on that 🙂

We hope you enjoy sailing at SOSA this year.