Privacy Policy

Updated April 27, 2022

Who we are

Photo by Alberto Gasco on Unsplash

We are the South Okanagan Sailing Association. Our website address is:

Cookies & Trackers

Yes, like all sites, this one uses cookies to make sure things function correctly, mostly in terms of payments. If you disable cookies, some things will not work.

Feel free to delete the cookies when you are done using the site. It doesn’t matter to us one way or another.

We do not have any trackers on the site, but we do have some Google content (fonts, map to our location and calendar), so Google might track you with those. Sorry, but we can’t control that. We recommend using a browser that blocks trackers.

Data we gather and who sees it

We gather the information you provide when registering for an account on the site, membership, boat storage, lockers, events or lessons. That includes things like your name, email, address, phone number, etc. We don’t store any of your credit card information.

We keep records of your memberships, boats, events, etc.

Access to your information and data is limited to the SOSA Directors who need it to perform their volunteer duties, and in some cases to the Coaches who are teaching lessons.

Who we share your data with

In order to process payments, a very small portion of your information is shared with our payment processor, Stripe. We don’t share it with anyone else. Your information and data is not for sale, rent or release in any other way.

If you agreed to appear in the member directory, then some of it is shared with other members in the member directory.

When our system sends you an automated email, such as a receipt for payment, that information is in the email and may be seen by anyone who has access to your emails. We can’t control that. Use good passwords.

Questions or Comments

If you have any concerns, questions, or comments about this policy, please contact us.