Boat Parking Registration and Payment

Boat Parking Fees

STOP. If  you wish to park your boat at SOSA for the FIRST TIME (i.e. your boat was NOT parked at SOSA last year), you need to check with the membership director ( to see if we have space. We don't want you to pay for parking if there is no space.

Parking fees are calculated on the basis of the space required for any given class of boat. We multiply LOA by beam and charge by the square foot, rounded to the nearest dollar. More detail can be found on the membership page.

Membership entitles the member family to park a maximum of two boats on SOSA property. More than two boats requires an additional membership.

If you don't know your sail number or sticker number from last year, just put n/a in the field.

Important: Please use the EXACT same names and email address you used for membership signup.


Total Amount
Enter your boat's SOSA sticker number from last year. This is really helpful to us, so please try to find the number. Thanks.
Anything else you need to tell us about this boat?
ALSO, if you are paying for a second boat, please include the relevant details corresponding to the fields above for that boat here.

SOSA Insurance Policy

SOSA insurance policies do not cover personal belongings. It is each member’s responsibility to ensure they have adequate property insurance and liability insurance on their boats and the contents of their lockers. Some homeowner policies do not cover boats stored at SOSA. Please check with your insurance agent.