New SOSA Trailer Policy

Over the years, a number of seemingly abandoned boat trailers have accumulated at the south end of SOSA’s property. As part of our efforts to create space for new members’ boats, and to generally clean up the property, the SOSA Executive has passed a new policy regarding boat trailers. The policy reads:

SOSA Policy for Boat Trailers

  • Boat trailers may normally only be stored on SOSA property if the boat for which parking fees have been paid is stored on the trailer.
  • If a member wishes to store their trailer on SOSA property separately from their boat, they may do so by paying a trailer parking fee equal to 50% of their boat parking fee.
  • Trailers must be registered, insured, and roadworthy.
  • Otherwise, empty trailers may not be stored on SOSA property and will be subject to the same process for removal as boats.

What this means is that if you want to store your trailer at SOSA without its boat stored on the trailer, you will need to pay a trailer parking fee equivalent to 50% of the parking fee for your boat. The trailer will also have to be roadworthy, insured and registered. If you pay the fee and meet the criteria, we will provide you with a sticker for the trailer and a designated parking spot.

If your boat is currently stored on its trailer, you don’t have to do anything other than pay your boat parking fees for this year (and membership of course).

In addition to removing boats on SOSA property that are not up-to-date with their parking fees, we will be taking steps to remove the abandoned trailers that are not in our system by May 31. To make arrangements to pay for separate trailer parking, please get in touch with the SOSA Membership and Communication Director (

So, if you have a loose trailer on the SOSA property, please remove it or pay the fee before May 31. Thanks for your help in keeping SOSA in good shape.

picture of empty boat trailers on the grass